Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BLAST....we made it on the tv news listing!

Yesterday was Lisa's "graduation" from kindergarten.  As soon as she got off the stage, she demanded the ice cream I had promised she could have after graduation.  Mike and I opted to go out for breakfast.

Princess Lisa was not to be derailed.  She joined Lisa G and I as we went into downtown Plymouth to pick up a few last items for BLAST.  She made sure to point out Dairy Go Round on the way.  I said "Later".  After each stop Princess Lisa asked for ice cream.  After each stop, I said later (somewhere in my mind I thought maybe she would forget...yeah...who was I kidding?!)  As we drove out of downtown Plymouth, she was again pointed out her favorite place...Dairy Go Round.  Again, I said "Later, after your blood draw"   In my mind, I was really hoping she would forget.  It was hot, I had tons of things to do, and I was not feeling well.   Once blood draw was done, Princess Lisa yelled the battle cry "ICE CREAM".  Ok.  I know when I'm defeated.  I gave Lisa G a look, tried to figure out if there was an ice cream place on the way home and finally, recalling the kindergarten teacher's "oatmeal kisses" poem and it's message that kids grow up before you know it I decided we would just go back to the Dairy  Go Round. 

As I placed my order for ice cream, Lisa G gave me a nudge and handed me the fundraising flier.  I believe I gave her the deer in headlights look as I pushed the papers back at her and frantically shook my head...I could not do it, I could not ask for one more brain was dead.   As Lisa G, looked at me stunned, I walked away to the table with my ice cream.

As I went to take my first bite, I realized I had forgotten to pay! (told you, brain dead!). I went up to pay for the ice cream and heard Lisa G. asking for a donation for go girl! I also overheard a gentleman in line talking to a young lady about taking his picture in front of the Dairy Go Round sign for WWJ.

As the Lisas and I enjoyed our ice cream we watched the gentleman pose in front of the sign and get his picture taken. He sat down at the table next to us and Lisa G. said “Hey, I think he's on TV”. We took a closer look and recognized that it was Randy Bhirdo, traffic reporter for First Forecast Mornings on CBSDetroit. Well, apparently I wasn't brain dead, only in a short brain coma. I asked him what the picture was for and he said that he and his co-anchors were doing a little piece on their favorite ice cream. Randy, having lived in Plymouth for a long-time, favorite ice cream place is Dairy Go Round....just like Princess Lisa. You can see where this is going...I know...shameless....but I did it. I pointed out Lisa and told Randy we were doing a fundraiser this weekend to raise money for kids with cancer. Would he be willing to promote it on the air. He said absolutely. I provide him a flier and the information.

This morning, BLAST appeared on Randy's List of Things around Town along with the other things like the Tiger's game and Downtown Farmington Founders Festival.  It was pretty exciting to see BLAST up on the tv screen with these other big events!!  It's supposed to be on tomorrow and Friday as well for those of you who watch the early morning news.  He did give it a little plug and invited people out.  It was very odd how timing is everything and how all the stars aligned and we ended up being in the right ice cream place at the right time.  Now, if we could just get Lori Pinson, the meteorologist from the show, to order good weather! Not too hot and no rain for the weekend!

Ok...enough blathering...I've got work to do...lots of it, and with only half a brain!  Only 3 more days!  Hope to see you at BLAST this weekend!

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