Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BLAST...still waiting for final results

Event went very smoothly. We had less people this year....closer to 200 kids instead of the 300 that we had last year. Rick, our neighbor, came on board this year as our "accountant" and is still counting the money from the event. I'm guessing/hoping that after we cover our expenses we should have between $5000 - $6000 to donate. We are still taking online donations via website and have the BLAST paraphernalia available for sale there as well. Hopefully that will boost the number a little bit.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and different people like different things...Mark Rosenthal and Animal Magic was great and had some of the girls getting ready to make a run for it when he pulled out the tarantula. Matt--the Godfather-- was a hit with "Aqua Blast" and  I did indeed get "Blasted" for $100 raised by the crowd (jury is still out who put up money first my brother or my mother-in-law!).   The Mott's staff who made an appearance proved that our nurses and doctors are now part of our family as each one came by to say hi and offer a helping hand. Nurse Martha arranged for her niece to bring some sheep, chickens and a rabbit so we could have a small petting farm. Terri and Leslie arrived with princesses to help Lisa have a "BLAST". Dr. Yanik and his wife, nurse Mari Beth, showed up with some teenagers and were put to work.  Nurse Rhonda had fun setting the first record for one of the Minute-to-Winute games.  Hulsing, Lisa's school, also provided tons of support. One of her teachers from last year, Mrs. Riedl, was instrumental in helping me decide to do BLAST again this year and took on the role of volunteer coordinator. Many of the Hulsing teachers were there volunteering and helping out. Becky, a Hulsing Mom, solicited baked goods from other Hulsing parents and had bake sale at the event raising nearly $450 Saturday. Two familes really overwhelmed me with their unsolicited kindness and support,  The Millen family showed up on my door step, literally, and showed me window art they had created in the shape of gold ribbons.  They then customized some for BLAST and donated them for us to sell.  Mark Freeland sent an email offering to build customized glider kits that we could sell to raise funds.  People are amazing!

Speaking of amazing...Chef John is one of the most generous, amazing people I've ever met.  For a second year, he has stepped up and with Chef's Against Cancer provided AND cooked all the food for BLAST.  Not only does he provide the food, he brings along volunteers including his wife and one of his cousin's, Jane, who do a fantastic job of helping setup and serve the food.   Rave reviews were given to the raffle room once again...coordinated and run by my sister-in-law, Mary, it was amazing.   Lisa and Bonnie, my right-hand and left-hand girls, were by my side from day one and were stealth-like in getting the work done, seems like I would barely get my words out and they would have things done without even blinking an eye.  They both did a great job in helping out and were jack of all trades from getting raffles, setting up funfair, organizing the crafts and attempting to keep me sane and focused! My good friend and late-night soul mate, Candy, worked with me until 3:30 am Saturday morning to finish setting up and organizing for the event. Sue and Sarah were behind the scenes workers making phone calls and raffle pickups. Mike was pivotal in helping with all the setup and getting support from the airport and EAA.  The kids and their friends were tolerant of the stress brought on by planning this event and helped create games, signs and managed the sucker sales which help fund the event.  Sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, volunteers from the community were all an integral part in making BLAST a success and I can't thank you enough!!!!!!

I was happy to see that we had a few of our "cancer warriors" attend and as I watched those children have fun at the event, the reason I do BLAST crystallized. I do it, because there is strength in numbers. I do it because knowledge is power and the more people we can educate on what it is like to live with cancer, the more people we have working to help find a cure. I do it to help build support and awareness so cancer warriors and their families don't feel like they have to walk alone. Many people are willing to lend a hand, give a shoulder to cry on and share stories of their own experiences in order to provide support and offer hope.   I was reminded, once again, how blessed we are. Many, many people stepped up to help with this event and did their share with a smile on their face and love in their heart. I may have organized this, but couldn't have done it without all their help. I am grateful to everyone and know that BLAST definitely had an impact on me.

Please keep hoping, praying and living!!!

PS and buying and donating!!! The BLAST store is open and selling items and taking donations!  http://www.blastnb.com/

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