Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Fun

I'm definitely not one who enjoys winter.  I begin counting the days until Spring right after our first snow (80 days to go!).  But, I really enjoyed our Michigan winter.  We are out at the lake house.  I arrived yesterday and marveled at how much brighter and upbeat it felt here vs "back home" a whole 25 minutes away.  The difference I think comes from all the natural light streaming through the windows, the bright sun reflecting off the snow, AND people outside having fun!

Most of the time in Canton "suburbia world" I find myself hunkering down and staying inside.  It's not very bright and the only people I see outside are the occasional dog walker and drivers of cars slipping and sloshing down the street.  Here, even when I'm inside, I feel energized looking out and people watching.

Surprisingly, it was Maranda who was asking to come out to the lake house during Christmas break.  The kids really enjoy it!  Even though it's cold, they bundle up and spend the day ice skating on the lake, watching the ice fisherman, and people 4 wheeling across the ice. 

I spent most of today cleaning the kitchen, and enjoying the fantastic view.  It was great to see the kids spend HOURS outside today!  At about 4:00 Mike and I were able to join them.  We laced up the skates and got out in the fresh air.  It was so much fun!!!  Lisa doesn't ice skate yet, but she has fun pulling us around being the train leader!  Mike and Maranda practiced their "figure" skating.

We'll be on the ice tomorrow,  If anyone wants to come out and join us, grab your skates and hot chocolate and give us a call!

For all of you who have been praying for our friend Bridget...thank you, thank you, thank you.  The prayers are helping.  She is 10 years old and has been stumping doctors for almost 2 years.  Her cancer is in the brain and there is no real name for what it is or how to treat it.  Neurosurgeons have expressed dismay in the past seeing Bridget walking and talking when everything on her scans have led them to believe she would be bedridden and not functioning.  Her doctors have even pointed to heaven as the only way to explain how she continues to improve.  Her mom posted today:  "Bridget spent the night in the step-down ICU and will be fully released from the ICU and moved into a regular hospital room this afternoon.....Bridget's cancer remains an enigma, with little/no case history to guide the doctors on how to best treat it. Plus, it's quite advanced, so it's impossible to project how this will all play out. We remain confident and trusting in God's plan for this little girl, and continue praying that God show us the decisions to make at each step along the way."

Please continue to pray for Lisa, her cancer buddies, and all the other cancer warriors!

Have a great day and remember only 80 days until spring!


Lynn said...

Sending you love, McMaster family!!! Making the best of winter? I'm impressed. I'm not sure that even a lake house could make me not want to continue to hibernate, but maybe it would. And I do have a pair of skates. Hmmmmm ... ;-)

Take care, and I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts. XOXO

tom said...

My faith increases because of yours. You, Mike and the kids are in our prayers. We love you guys!