Sunday, December 26, 2010

Make that two teeth!

Last night after I posted and Lisa had gone to bed, both she and Maranda reappeared giggling.  Apparently Lisa decided one tooth was not enough to give to the tooth fairy and she worked and wiggled a second tooth out.  She went to bed satisfied that the tooth fairy would be very pleased with getting two teeth at one house.

Today we got together with Mike's siblings and Mom to celebrate Christmas.  Lisa was all smiles even with her gaping hole!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.  I feel so blessed to have my children all here and healthy at home with us. Please send up a prayer for our friend Bridgette who has been in the hospital since 12/20.  She is fighting to hang on and she and her family celebrated Christmas together around her bed in the ICU.  She too is a cancer warrior who also needs a miracle. 

Keep praying, keep hoping!

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