Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas is coming

Lisa has been doing very well.  She only got sick after chemo one time this week.  We are still working on her appetite; she lost another pound this week.  Hopefully with all the holiday fun and festivities coming up we can get her eating and over-indulging like the rest of us!

We spent close to two hours in the car to go to the Kids Kicking Cancer Christmas party.  Santa, Rudolph, Mickey and Minnie were there.  The kids enjoyed food, dancing, arts and crafts.  Every family got a big family bag of gifts.  Lisa enjoyed herself and everyone had a good time despite the long drive and snowy roads.

I cannot believe it's 2 weeks to Christmas.  The only person I've bought gifts for is Maranda and that's because she is a shopaholic and constantly picking things out for me to pay for which I put into a "presents" pile at home.  Lisa is actually a little tough to buy for....she has almost every baby imaginable and with three older kids, we are well-stocked on pet shop, polly pocket, barbies, craft kits and almost every board game.  Ugh....what to buy, what to buy!?

If all continues to go well, Lisa will only have blood draws one day a week for the rest of December.  Scans are scheduled for January and if no study opens, she will have another round of chemo.  We count our blessings and are so glad that Lisa will get to spend another Christmas at home.

Please offer up prayers for some of our Mott's buddies (Bridgette, Cody and JD) who have been in the hospital and hoping to be home for Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Sending much positive energy to all along with prayers that the Mott's buddies are home for Christmas.