Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chemo Day 3....Lisa's hanging in

It's only Wed and it feels like the longest week ever.  Lisa started her chemo this week.  She goes to school in the morning, comes home, eats a quick lunch and then we go to the hospital.  

Monday, Lisa was grumpy, but she handled the chemo well.  Tuesday she was on her chemo high, in great spirits and practically skipped into school.  She was in great spirits when we went to the hospital, but the chemo yesterday afternoon knocked her for a loop and she got sick last night.  Her appetite was shot and she didn't eat much for most of the day today.  She handled today's chemo better (we made sure to give her double doses of nausea medicine) and with frequent rest breaks and naps she had a bit of an appetite tonight at dinner.

Two more days of chemo and then we will just do lab draws until January.  We'll have scans done in January and hopefully a study will open up that Lisa qualifies for...otherwise we will continue with chemo.

She's a trooper; keep praying that God continues to give all of us strength.

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