Monday, October 25, 2010

A new home;)

Yeah...we are home, again.  We got home Friday at around 5:30 and then proceeded to go North to visit Mike's mom.  Lisa was so excited about seeing Grandma Mac.  We had a nice time just hanging out and Lisa's pain seems to be less this second round of antibody.  She is only taking pain killers 2-3x's a day and is up and about and playing...yeah!
She'll have appts at U of M twice a week until we go back down to St Jude's.  If her scans continue to show her disease is stable she will be eligible for two more rounds of antibody.  No real way of knowing if this treatment is working or how much time we are buying her, but if she is able to bounce back and not continue to have pain, we are willing to continue the treatment.

Lisa has looked so good the last two days that the plan is to send her to school tomorrow.  Of course, when she heard this, she said she couldn't go because it would hurt her neck!  They learn fast, don't they!

Glad to be home!!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear she is feeling much better!!! That had to be tough for all of you when she was struggling so much last week. Here's to better times. So funny about school!!! Once Tyler fell at soccer and told me he had a broken arm and couldn't go to school. Meanwhile, he had no problem playing WII, putting together Legos, etc.

Take care,
The KReagers

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are home and that Lisa got to go visit Grandma. I pray that the decrease in pain continues and you get good results with this treatment. How cool that school is back in view--and my guess is the hurt neck would go away shortly after some good friend time.

You are all so amazing in your capacity to live, love, and nourish one another while on this journey. I am so glad you are there for each other; what a family! You are my heroes!