Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back at St Jude

Well, we flew back to Memphis today.  Things went off without a hitch until we tried checking into the Grizzly Hotel at St Jude.  They were overbooked so they sent us off campus to the Crowne Plaza. It's still all paid for by St Jude and they provide a shuttle, it's just very inconvenient getting back and forth, it's not very kid friendly, the beds are lumpy, the room not so clean, it's noisy and you it smells a bit funny (could be the exhaust from the freeway).  But we'll make do. 

We also had some difficulty getting a prescription filled which kept us hanging around campus for an extra hour.  Waiting in the pharmacy we met another family whose little boy is in remission from neuroblastoma.  He's younger than Lisa and was eligible to receive both MIBG and antibody treatment as part of his initial protocol.  The mother did say he had some residual pain from his antibody treatment, but nothing as long as what Lisa has experienced.  We have scans tomorrow and Thursday and don't meet with the doctor until Friday; it will be interesting to hear what she has to say about Lisa's pain.

Surprisingly, once we got to the hospital, Lisa perked up.  She was actually "hopping" on some circles and counting them while we waited for the prescription.  Not sure if it was the visit from Grandma this afternoon, the hospital air, or all the prayers being offered up  but it was a wonderful change of pace and we had a very enjoyable evening which we finished up with eating pizza in bed!

Keep praying, keep hoping, keep believing!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you had an enjoyable evening--ymmm pizza in bed and that Lisa is havingsome hopping/counting square moments. Lisa, you are my hero!

You are all so amazing in your weathering of this journey. I hope the rest of the stay is smoother in its administrative tasks--places to stay, shuttles to take, and so forth.

Holding and sending good thoughts to all.