Saturday, October 16, 2010

1 hour into second antibody course...things now peaceful

Thanks to all of you out there throwing prayers our way.  They are working.  Lisa was infused at 10:06 this morning.  She was doped up on morphine and ativan when it started running.  At the 15 minute mark she started coughing, I noticed her face looked mottled and splotchy.  I called for the nurse...the next 10 minutes raised by as her her heart rate jumped, her oxygen fell.  She was hooked up to oxygen and things started to settle down.  She "slept" thru it all.  At the 1/2 hour mark she was still zoned on the drugs and her stats stabilized.  At the one hour mark, she continues to "rest" and does not seem to be feeling discomfort...yeah!! I hope it continues to go this smoothly.  Please, please, please God let her feel peaceful and pain free.

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