Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Course 2, Day 4 much smoother....and this course is complete

Course 2 Day 4 went very smoothly.  Lisa was very restful and calm when it was started.  Have no idea if it was from all the meds in her system the day before,  because it was  later in the day when we started, if it was the change in pain killer or skipping the premed antivan, but I was very happy that she was feeling little pain. We sailed past the 15 minute and 30 minute marks with no problems and at the two hour mark she asked to do a craft.  What an incredible change from one day to the next.  She breezed thru all four hours getting pain meds when needed and sleeping on and off.   It would be nice to know what the magic formula is but it continues to change which each dose which is what makes this so hard to do.

Lisa just stared at me as I did the "we made it past 2 hours happy dance"

Last night went pretty smoothly and we were able to keep her pain under control.  She did throw up once, but after that was fine.  She slept pretty well and did not even wake to the crazy fire alarm that went off at 6:30 am for a drill.  The staff is soooooooo lucky they were all behind the fire safe doors and I was exhausted because I'm not quite sure what I would have done to someone if I had got my hands on them;)

We are waiting to be released from inpatient.  For some unknown reason, Lisa's platelets fell and she needs to have a transfusion before they will sign us out.  From here it's back to the Grizzly house for the night, a day of rest tomorrow and then labs on Friday.  If everything goes well we will hopefully be flying out Friday.....keeping fingers, legs, toes and eyes crossed that we can get out on Friday and don't have to wait for a flight on Saturday.

Next steps will be to follow up with more labs on Monday with docs at home and determine if we will be doing this again for course 3 in a few weeks.

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Anonymous said...

I continue to send prayers of healing, warmth, love, nurturance, and pain free times to all. You are all so amazing and incredible.

I am glad to hear there have been moments with less pain and greater ability to sleep.

But really a 6:30 a.m. alarm drill for you? I like that they are checking preparedness but...

You are all in my thoughts as always,

Much love,