Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday - 4/22

Today is/was Lisa's last day of radiation. Woohoo! Once again she's been a model patient. Granted the sessions are pretty quick, some only lasting a few minutes, but she lays back and doesn't move. She's a pretty cool kid. At home she's really starting to get back into her groove and it's great to see and hear. Her appetite could be a little better as she is down about 3 lbs. since radiation began but on Monday she ate more than I've seen her eat in a long time. She's hungry a lot but just can't seem to get much in that ity-bity stomach of hers.


Anonymous said...

so glad to hear she is doing better!!!

Take care
The KReagers

Amanda.B said...

Glad to hear she is doing lots better. :) Good job for eating more Lisa! You go girl and keep fighting!

Anonymous said...

So blessed to hear Lisa is doing so well. I know the power of prayers avails much I hope these are the days ahead for you all nothing but happy ones...Love, Kristen McIntyre

Anonymous said...

Sending thoughts of nourishment and nurturance to help the appetite. Yea, Lisa!!!

Yea McMasters!!!!