Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3:40 AM....freaking out

Just before 3 am, Lisa woke us up saying she didn't feel well. I touched her head and told Mike she felt warm, he touched her head, grunted and rolled over. She ran into the bathroom to get sick and then ran out again saying she was fine. I took her to the living room to sit on the couch and hunted around for a thermometer, questioning whether it was stupidity or cockiness that allowed us to leave Lisa's paperwork, "as needed" med basket and good thermometer at the other house. I finally found the slowest working thermometer in the world and promptly put it under Lisa's arm.

102...sh!t ...that's not good, maybe I had in the wrong spot under her arm. I stuck it under Lisa's arm again and waited for a good minute as the crazy thing beeped every 4 seconds to indicate it was working....finally triple beeps and the number is....102. SH!T!!! Okay, maybe it's broken...I take my own temperature. Slow beeps, another minute goes by...finally...97.8...arghhhhhh! I go shake Mike awake..."You need to get up, are we supposed to call doctor at 100.5 still or at 101? Lisa's temp is 102...she could have an infection, should I call the doctor" Mike rolls over and mid snore says "Just wait a little bit, it will go down, she's worked up". Yah..right...."Hold this under your arm"I say and stick the thermometer under Mike....the clock ticks...and Mike's temperature reading is 98.1. .. crap. Mike mumbles"Lisa always runs higher when she's tired" Uh....not 102 high. I go get Lisa and dump her in bed with Mike..."feel how warm she is". He tells me to go get her a cool washcloth. When I return, Lisa says she has to go to the bathroom. I help her up and she goes to the bathroom and as she's washing her hands starts to throw up. I call for Mike for a little help. Once we get her cleaned up Mike takes over the temperature reading....her temp comes down a little bit with water and cool cloths. Of course the only tylenol I have in the house expired in 2005...that's ok, I'm too nervous to give it to her anyway because I don't want to mask her temperature. I ask Mike to take her temp again..it's dropped a bit...100.7....good enough for him. They both roll over and go to sleep, I pull out the computer and blog.

This is freaking me out....one part of me wants to run and call the doctor because her temp spiked. The other part of me has no desire to drag her into the ER and sit around for 3 hours in the middle of the night to get her admitted (which is standard protocol for cancer kids with a fever). One part of me is saying I'm just being a worry wart, the other part of me knows how important it is to get antibiotics running if this is an infection. One part of me really believes it's just a side effect from the radiation, and the other part of me knows I should be down on my knees begging God to please not let this be an infection.

So at 4:06 in the morning and now a temperature of 99, I hope that all the prayers for Lisa are still flooding the heavens and that we don't have to become visitors to Motts 7th floor any time soon. Guess I should try and get some sleep, Lisa and Mike seem to have things under control.


Anonymous said...

Hope Lisa is doing better. WIll keep up the prayers.

Take care
The Kreagers

Amanda.B said...

Hope Lisa gets better, keeping you in my prayers, take care,

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you can journal your scenario. It isn't easy knowing the best route all the time. You and Mike do a wonderful job of balancing it all. It is amazing how you work together through this.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus for taking care of your family!

Anonymous said...

We pray every day for your family and will not stop!