Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thusday 4/16 Update

Mike here: As of this writing Lisa will be released sometime on Friday after her line is removed. The "line" that Lisa has is a Broviac catheter. It's a long, hollow tube made of silicone, with an opening called a lumen. This catheter is commonly referred to as a central venous catheter because it is inserted through the chest and into the large vein leading directly into the heart. This line is used to administer medicines, IV, or draw blood and such and almost eliminates the need for "pokes".

The line is being removed because the consensus is that that is where the infection is. She's had this line, her second, for probably around 6 months so we feel we've done pretty good with it. Next week she'll have a different type of line placed below the skin in the chest. It's called a port and while it will require less maintenance, it will require a needle to access it. Since the port is just below the skin it should be much better than trying to access a vein every time.

So... good news once again. All those prayers and positive are really doing the trick. Lisa seems to be doing great and remains unfazed by all this. Since we're on Spring break this week, Maranda, Thomas, and Christina are here today and are pictured here playing Wii.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Lisa is doing better.

Take care
The Kreagers

Anonymous said...

Your so good at describing the medical stuff in ways that I can understand.

Glad to hear that Lisa is doing great and unfazed. What an amazing person she is. We have so much to learn from her.

Yea for Spring Break and Wii!! Yea for Maranda, Thomas, and Christina--also ones we learn from.