Monday, September 26, 2011

Scan Week this week

Sorry for such limited posts this month.  Between back to school and my Gold Ribbon campaign I slacked off on the writing.  Things have been going well.  Everyone is finally adjusted to the new school routine and as the weather begins to get a bit cooler I'm already starting to think about counting down to spring:)

Lisa goes for scans this week. I my crossing my toes, fingers, legs...anything I can that we see no new growth since last scans.  She looks so good and this new study of 10 pills a day is soooooooo easy.  I pray and pray and pray it's working because it makes this cancer so much more bearable, yet, my cynical side seriously doubts how 10 little pills a day could do the trick.  We will see know soon enough and I'll be holding my breath until Friday when they can give us results.

Life does go on regardless of cancer and we have pics to prove it:)

Maranda at her first homecoming for Canton HS; next week she goes to her second homecoming. That's the glory of going to "the Park" where there are 3 highschools and 3 homecoming dances you can attend! She goes to another one next week! 

While Maranda was out on the town, we were enjoying the cider mill!

Don't worry Tommy and Chrissy were with us at the Cider Mill, somehow they escaped the camera!

As always, keep praying and live life to the fullest!

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Maureen said...

Maranda looks beautiful!