Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday to Maranda!

Maranda turned 14 today!  This had to be one of the least eventful birthdays ever, but she seemed pretty happy.  Her one present was a laptop (of course that present counts for her birthday, Christmas, and Easter!)  We had a nice dinner out and cake and ice cream at home.

The past week has been filled with celebrating birthdays, starting school and starting Lisa on a new study.  So far so good, all things going smoothly.  All the kids seem happy with their teachers and classes, Lisa is excited to be in first grade (although she spent two of the afternoons sleeping on a cot they set up for her in a side room!).  We will be keeping our fingers crossed that the study she is now on keeps the cancer from progressing.  It is one of the easiest ones ever!!  She takes 5 pills twice a day.  That's it....things could be so easy if this works...let's hope these pills can do the job of beating the beast.

School pics and bday pics coming soon!

Don't forget to keep your gold on... September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!  A special kudos to Christine Progar....she wrote:
"I thought I would let you know that your blog post on Childhood Cancer Awareness month inspired me. I asked the principal of our school in Romulus, MI to support childhood cancer with our monthly jeans day. Know that Metro Charter Academy is going to donate part of the funds raised this Friday, 9/16 to the Children's Cancer Research Fund. Thank you for all you do for Lisa and other children with cancer. God bless, Christine Progar"

THANK YOU CHRISTINE!!!  Great idea.  What does everyone think?  Are their similar opportunities that you could do at your school or workplace to help raise awareness that September in Childhood Cancer Awareness month...their ribbon is gold...and money is needed for research to find cures for Childhood Cancers!

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