Thursday, September 15, 2011

THE GOLD RIBBON...What's the big deal?

We are half way through September and in 15 days you will be plagued by a sea of pink as breast cancer awareness takes the stage in October.  I try to figure out what the big deal is and find that I can't quite articulate my point.  So, borrowing from a multitude of parents who have posted on various sites  below is the "deal":

We are seeking to bring the same awareness to Childhood Cancer as the Breast Cancer Foundations has done for their particular cancer. We want Gold to be as well known as Pink. We want a HUGE Gold Ribbon hanging in front of the White House during the Month of September. We want to see gold bats used by the Major League Baseball players used in their game's. We want to see Gold footballs used by the National Football League, as well as the Gold ribbon on their helmet's, shoes, uniform, and goal post's? We want EVERY TV news channel to mention childhood cancer awareness month EVERY DAY in September. We want money donated left and right to childhood cancer so that children can go thru treatment in a matter of months....knowing just what meds have the best chance of working on their type of cancer.....just like Breast cancer warriors.

Many children are subjected to numerous different chemo treatments because there is not enough research/money/funding to know what will really work. Most chemos were not actually designed for childhood cancer, they are things that have worked with different adult cancers. Kids don't have awareness, research money or the drugs they need. There hasn't been a new drug for any of the ped cancers in over 20 years.....WOW....would people be ok if that were the case for breast cancer?? Of course not, and we shouldn't be ok with our kids being left out..and we are not, we are standing up and saying SEPTEMBER IS CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS MONTH!! GO GOLD!


SWood said...

I totally agree Linda 110% with everything u just said.I stand next to you all the way,but the question is where do we start?How did breast cancer awareness become so HUGE?How did it the big name sponsors it has?Like i said i would LOVE to see gold a lot more, and will defienly do whatever i can to help...Let me know!
Shannon Wood

Karin Nagle said...


Very well said. It is very frustrating to see so very little press this month for Childhood Cancer Awareness.

I for one tried to start my own little awareness campaign by making almost everyone I know and work with wear gold braclets and trying to educate them on the why it is so important. That being said I had one person, who know Kate very well say " I really don't wear bracelets"!!!" Seriously?! (by the way I threw it at his head and told him he better %*#@ing wear it.

At the end of the day it falls on us to keep pushing and fighting. Something you do well. Keep it up!