Monday, May 2, 2011

Chemo week

It's week 3 and off to chemo again.  Today was pretty crowded with kids and we ran into one of our neuroblastoma buddies, Jonah.  He is doing well and his response to treatment helps buoy us along.  We also were able to visit Hunter, the fourth grader at Lisa's school, and she was hopefully getting sent home today. 

It is very eye opening to watch all these kids just take cancer in stride.  It is what it is and it is part of them, part of their daily life, it's normal to them.

How strong they all are.  How wise.  They get that today is the day you should be focusing on....what your doing every minute, every second is what's important, not what's going to happen, when or why.

Hoping that I am learning from all these wonderful teachers and finally getting how to live each day fully!

BLAST Childhood Cancer planning is in full swing and will be June 11 from 12-6.  Mark your calendars and if you have any good raffle items or know of any vendors who want to set up a tent, email Thanks!

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Emily's Family said...

sending out lots of love and thoughts for you and your family as you all go through this.

from one nb family to another,