Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time Flies and so do we!

Not sure how it happened but the two weeks we were home flew by (sorry for so few posts) and we are back at St Jude.  We got in last night and started appointments this afternoon.   Lisa and I are both exhausted and I"m not sure why...the time change in MI and the time difference here should put us right back on track, but for some reason we are out of whack.

Both Lisa and I are cranky and very reluctant to be here.  Last night when we checked into our room, Lisa took one look and said she wanted a different one; apparently now that we are frequent visitors to St Jude we've been down-graded to the regular room instead of the suite. When I asked why, I was told the suites are only for the new patients.  Wow, talk about bait and switch...it's like they are trying to impress you the first time you're here, but after they got you, they know they'll keep you coming back.  I would have rather just had the regular room to start with so I wouldn't know what I was missing!  I rearranged the room a bit so Lisa could have a place to play and we've settled in. 

We were able to participate in a fun activity today.  The National Auctioneers Association (NAA)was here today and took some time to teach the kids some tricks of  the trade and then they had an auction with toys for the kids to bid.  The  NAA provided all the toys and gave each child an auction paddle that they used to do their bidding (no money was involved just lots of paddle waving and fast talking).   All the child had to do was wave his paddle when they saw the toy they wanted. I'm sure you all know what Lisa set her eyes on...yes, a baby doll...the only one at Target we don't have...the one that goes in the bath.  It was very fun and she was a happy girl.

Rumour has it that Thursday night there will be a pajama party in the cafeteria and that Marlo Thomas and the Today show may be present.  While I'm excited about the possibility of meeting "that girl!" I'm not excited about the hubbabaloo that comes with the tv crews and possible filming.  Oh well, that's the price we pay for being at such a famous hospital!

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Anonymous said...

Good for both of you for being cranky. The fighting spirit finds many ways to express itself ;).
The bait n' switch approach on the rooms is disappointing.

The auction sounds like much fun--what a great idea. Sooo glad that Lisa got to bid on her baby doll.

Pajama party sounds fun too. I hope the hubbub of filming is minimal.

Sending love, warmth, nurturance, hugs, and positive energy to you all. You are AMAZING!