Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bittersweet News

We are home!  We flew home yesterday with Lisa looking good and feeling good....that is the good news.  We came home early because Lisa is not responding to the treatment...her cancer has grown...that is the bad news.

While this was one of the most enjoyable times we had at St Judes with lots of activities to particpate in, our visit was short because of Lisa's scan results.  Scans this month compared to last month show multiple spots in both her right and left leg and parts of her groin area.  This is not news we wanted to hear.  When the doctor told me, I basically put up my "wall", shut off my feelings, and proceeded to book a flight home.  It's still too fresh and painful to talk or think about so I'm basically in the "feel nothing, think nothing and pretend none of this is happening mode".  Mike and I will be meeting with our U of M docs soon to determine next steps; options are few and very limited.

Lisa knows her cancer is "winning" but is glad to be home and willing and able to fight back.  There is still room for miracles.  As we rev up for the holiday seasons the one word that is constant in my mind is Believe.  Believe, Believe, Believe. 
Please keep praying....and keep Lisa on the prayers lists...she (and all the other little cancer warriors) need a miracle.


Anonymous said...

No words. Just love, hope, and healing thoughts. XOXO

Lynn Z.

Diane said...

Am I allowed to say that this sucks? OK, now that I've said that; time to pray even harder and get more healing vibes out to Princess Lisa!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for Lisa, the Dr.'s to have wisdom, and for your family to know that despite all the evil things that are part of this world, such as cancer, God is with you.