Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Sorry for the lack of updates!.  Many people have told me that when we don't update the blog they know everything in fine, because no news is good news.  While that is normally the case, I feel a but guilty that the blog has become something of bad news tabloid instead of a sharing of ALL our experiences.  As tough as these last 2.5 years have been, there have been some great times, as well as, "normal" times that balance out the bad.  I hope to share more of the great with everyone so that a sense of dread does not overwhelm everyone anytime an update goes out! 

So, here's some great and normal news.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  It was nothing out of the ordinary, it was one spent with family instead of in a hospital room.  We were doubly blessed because we got to do one Thanksgiving dinner with my family on Thanksgiving day and another Thanksgiving dinner with Mike's family on Saturday.  We really enjoyed spending time with both sides of the family. 

Mike's family was surprised when his brother Brian appeared in the house unannounced.  He and his family had traveled from Alabama this year to be be with everyone.  All the kids were thrilled, they have missed their cousins quite a bit.  It is so wonderful to see this next generation come together, hang out, go swimming, watch movies, play games, even though their ages span from 10-16.  It's also amazing to see how how these "kids" are growing up into "people" who you can actually converse with and share jokes, memories and stories with.

Thanksgiving is a time where we can really take a look and count our blessings.  I sometimes struggle with this, but this year I was able to come up with a few things.  I am blessed:
-To have a wonderful husband and  4 beautiful, funny, intelligent children
-To have both my parents and my mother-in-law with us and in good health
-To have so many people who love and support me
-To have my own health
-To have a safe, comfortable place to call home
-To have a chance to make a difference with my life

I'm sure I could come up with more, but those are the ones that came to me immediately. 

By Wednesday of this week, we will have a better idea of what next steps will be for Lisa.  As of today, the doctor thinks we may have her do a "maintenance" chemo next week until we can find a study to put her on.

As always, keep praying, count your blessings and know how loved you are!

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