Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday, March 30

Sorry to have been mute for so long. Linda and I and many others have been very busy helping put things in motion for the fundraiser on June 5th. As I said previously, it's a welcome distraction. In the meantime, last week was chemo week #4 for Lisa who handled it with her usual grace which is all smiles and not one complaint. It's Tuesday morning now, 4 days after her last infusion, and I expect she is beginning to dip. This is to say that her blood counts are dropping to the point where she’ll become more susceptible to infections and viruses and whatnot. It means she'll be missing a few days of school but that we get her to ourselves for those days. We're truly blessed in that she looks great and seems to feel really good too. Her appetite and energy are right in line with any other 5 year old so I really am feeling grateful for that.

Next week is a scan week again and with those scans come a lot of apprehension and hope. Apprehension that things are not getting worse and hope that the disease lessens, or better yet has disappeared altogether. Send along your best mojo, prayers, blessings, and tidings. The scans are in preparation for Lisa's MIBG therapy at the end of the month. Either Linda or I will post those details in a separate post. Also, during that same last week of April, Maranda will have her spinal fusion surgery. We planned it this way to minimize the trips to the hospital and time away from the other kids.

As always, thanks for checking in.

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