Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blast Off

We really enjoied the warm weather last week as you can see from the picture of Lisa. Aside from the those brief moments in the sun we've been busy laying the ground work for the June 5th, fundraiser we're planning. It might be too early to broadcast all the wonderful things that are happening with that but it's actually a welcome distraction. The event seems to give us something to do rather than just sitting around and waiting for the next appointment. Mark your calendars and save the date. Here's a link to the fundraising site: http:\\www.blastnb.com

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Anonymous said...

The fundraiser website looks great! I posted a link on my Facebook page, and will continue to advertise it among my peeps. And you know I'll be there, and do whatever else between now and then.

I'm so glad that you have this "welcome distraction," and am grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a worthy endeavor.

Sending you peace and loving thoughts on this sunny day.

Lynn Zott