Monday, January 4, 2010

Routine was so nice to step back into the routine of things today. I had the pleasure of volunteering in Lisa's kindergarten class and was exhausted by the time we got home for lunch. I don't know how that teacher does it....kindergarten takes a lot of energy!

I found myself watching the children closely and thinking how much they've already grown since the beginning of the school year and how different they will be in another five months when school gets out. I found myself wishing for a crystal ball to see if Lisa would make it to kindergarten graduation so I can ball my eyes out like I always do at those school things. I found myself watching all the kids wondering which ones consider Lisa their friend. I found myself wondering whether I should contact the moms I know and setup as many playdates as possible this week to offset the upcoming weeks of chemo. I found myself thinking that when we started fostering that one of the things I wanted for my children was that they each have at least one special know the one who they share their secrets with, the one who plays with them on the playground, the one who always wants to be their partner, the one who likes them for them. That's what I want for Lisa...that friend...the one who tells her parents all about what she and her friend Lisa did at at school, the one who calls for playdates, the one who is worried when Lisa is missing school, the one who isn't afraid of Lisa when her hair starts to fall out, the one who makes school more fun and gives Lisa a reason to go when she might not be feeling well. Simple things, that's what I want...

Tomorrow Lisa will be going to school in the morning and then to the hospital for an injection. Wed will be a long day at the hospital and she will be having all the scans done again, as well as, the bone marrow biopsy. Thursday they will finish up scans and the plan is that next week Lisa will begin her chemo. So much for routine...looks like we are revving up for a new one!

Hope everyone had wonderful holidays and that you are settling into your routine!

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful wishes for your daughter. You are so amazing in your steadfastness through all through all of this. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Sending you much positive and loving energy.