Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chemo side effects.. Poor Grandma Mc

Lisa finished her chemo in good spirits last week. Mike took Lisa, Chrissy and Thomas up to Grandma's Mc's for a visit this weekend. Of course, the side effects of chemo came "up" when they were there. Poor Grandma Mc...I can't remember the last time we visited her house that one of kids didn't get sick. Of course, Grandma took it all in stride.

Lisa is doing well, but we noticed some hair is missing already. It bums me out. We are planning to have Lisa continue to go to school as long as her counts are good. We are working with the school to have a Child Life Specialist come out and speak to her class so none of the kids are frightened when they find out she has cancer and so they accept her baldness as she continues to lose her hair.

Unfortunately, the date for this visit is two weeks out...I'm going to have to work with the school to see if we can move that up. Many of the moms I spoke with feel the same way.....Lisa should continue to go to school, but the sooner we have an expert of some sort explain her condition to classmates the better. Most parents I spoke with said it would be a great help if Motts came out and explained things so parents don't have to field all the questions on their own.

Maranda deserves a high-five today. She had to go for her MRI. Normally she is able to watch a movie during the procedure which helps keep her calm, but the player was broken. She laid still for the whole 1.5 hours just hearing the crazy loud noises and came out smiling and ready to go shopping. We settled on going to breakfast. We'll be reviewing the results of the test this week with neurosurgeon to see if she has to have the brain decompression surgery done again. I really hope not, it wasn't an easy surgery and I really think she deserves a break. She's already scheduled for spinal fusion this summer, one surgery a year is enough...don't ya think?!

Keep reading and keep praying!


Amanda said...

Glad to hear that Lisa is doing well!
Good luck guys, your in my prayers!
Love you Lisa,

Anonymous said...

The McMaster's Rock!!!

What a great idea to have someone attend Lisa's class to discuss.

Maranda is incredible--1 1/2 hrs of that din--woa!

Thinking of you all,

Anonymous said...

wow, you guys are so brave! today, cory, megan, kylie and I met the cast of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Kylie gave Logan Lerman (the super cute main character) her lisa bracelet, and he was all smiles. we told him about lisa, and asked him to blog on her website. he was very excited. it was great!

Anonymous said...

Like olivia said, we got to meet the Percy Jackson cast! and when i gave him lisa's bracelet his whole face lit up! I told him about lisa and said she has a blog. He said he'd check it out and that he loves bracelets!!