Friday, January 29, 2010

Another good week for Lisa

Lisa is doing great. Only had labs this week and besides taking a bit longer naps during the afternoons she's still going strong. Today was the day that the Child Life Specialist came to the school to talk to Lisa's classmates. I think it went very well and am glad that we were able to present the information to the class in a non-threatening, non-scary way. Kids are the most observant, resilient and accepting so I'm sure they will lookout for Lisa.

Tomorrow ALL my kids are going winter camping for the weekend with Special Days camp...that's the one for kids with cancer and their siblings. The older kids went for a week this summer; this time Lisa is joining them. I'm a little freaked out...she's only 5 and never spent the night away from family. The camp is up near Muskegon so it's further away then the one in the summer. Apparently Lisa does not share my feelings. She's really excited to go and was the only kid to actually pack by herself. When I checked their bags, she had everything she needed and the older kids were running around grabbing things they'd forgotten. I really wanted to video tape her putting things into the bag, but I was too busy monitoring the others. Maranda made this video after the packing was done.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Hope she has a blast! Wish I were going!

Anonymous said...

Wow, between Lisa being a cutie-pie, Maranda's adorable giggle and the peek around the corner from Linda, that was so darn cute to watch. I'll bet camp will be a blast for them all!!
Kim Enright

Anonymous said...

Have fun all!