Saturday, May 19, 2018

5 years

It has been five years since Lisa left us. Today seems less emotional than the past years and I can only attribute that to the fact that we kept ourselves incredibly busy as we packed for Montana and attempted to have a garage sale.

I considered two things that I could do today in honor of Lisa.  One was to shave my head at the St Baldrick fundraiser.  The other was to go to Montana to visit Tom. I am writing this as we sit in the   the airport waiting for our flight.(nobody voted for the head shaving😉)

Lisa would’ve loved  this trip. Not only are we GOing someplace new as we know she loved to do. We  get to see Tom working in a kitchen in Yellowstone and we will be with him to celebrate his birthday as he turns 20 on Monday.

While today has not gotten to me emotionally I cannot say the same about the last few weeks.  I’ve had more than a few days where  suddenly I’ll just feel very uneasy and sad. I am starting to think it is my subconscious counting down the days and still looking to fill the hole Lisa left.  I oftern hope and wish  Lisa would appear to me in my dreams as I miss her dearly and have a few questions for her. With her always in the back of my mind we go off on our next adventure to wish Tom a happy 20th birthday in Montana.

When we return we will move forward with our plan to sell the  Canton house and move permanently to the lake. Why this is a big move it seems to be the right move as it will help to simplify life and  let us focus on living in the moment and finding the beauty in all things as Lisa taught us to do.

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