Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Scans Week

Sorry for so few posts.... Lisa has been doing very well.  When Mike took her for chemo 2 weeks ago, his interpretation of what the doctor told him after reviewing her blood draws was that "Lisa’s blood tests are the best they’ve been in a while and her bone marrow seems to be healing itself”.   The doctor attributes the success to the current low dose chemo treatment she is receiving.  Mike and I remained convinced it is something more.  If you recall, in the end of September when doctors had nothing else to offer and wanted to appease me,  they decided to put Lisa on this low dose of chemo.  The first 3 rounds of this regimen brought Lisa some relief but she spent much time sleeping.  Just after Thanksgiving, chemo Monday had me cringing and holding my breath as I watched nurses struggle to get Lisa into a wheelchair; her pain so tremendous she didn't want to move.  A mere two weeks later, after a novena had been offered by Bridget's mom and prayers offered to Venerable Elisabeth Bergeron, Lisa was doing, and continues to be, miraculously better.

She does not seem to be sleeping as much, and  her pain appears to be under control most of the time (or so we think).  At last chemo, as part of protocol, the nurses asked her on a scale of 1-10, what was her pain at?  Without missing a beat, Lisa answered "10 in both legs" and continued doing her craft project with great enthusiasm.  The nurses looked at each other and then questioned her "Lisa, how can you say you are at a 10?  Your bouncing around here and coloring".  Lisa stated in her all-knowing way "because I always have pain in my legs."   Wow.   I don't doubt her for a second. On her worst days, she can still sneak out a smile and a giggle from her napping position;  on her great days she still struggles to  walk and go up and down stairs but just keeps going. 

She is infectious....and I don't mean her cancer (which she clarified for me the other day..."you can't catch cancer, Mom, you can catch someone's cold; not cancer").  Her laugh, her spirit, her energy....it is amazing.  She so often lifts me to a level I didn't think I could go...those days when the alarm is calling and I've hit snooze 3 x's thinking the bed is a good place to spend the day only to instantaneously come awake when her exuberant "good morning momma" greets my ears....those days when I'm driving home from work counting the minutes until I can sink into the couch only to be greeted by her animated "momma, momma, momma....momma's home....yeah!!!" and suddenly I find myself in an upbeat discussion about what she did today and how she needs to show me something.  Her attention to her babies, her pride in her latest craft, her initiative to make her own flashcards, her ability to fall asleep in a mere minute....everything about her is so "in the moment".  Whatever she is doing, she is giving it her all.  She is the greatest example of live life fully:)

So, with her as my role model, I get up and face each day bravely with a smile and hoping for good but focusing on great.  Please send up a few prayers for Lisa that her scans are good and reveal no new growth ...or perhaps that they are great!  We continue to pray for the miracle of a cure, but are very happy that she is able to maintain her happy attitude and quality of life.

Keep praying and live life fully:)


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Good news. What a brave soul. She is truly a hero. My prayers are always with all of you.

Love, Debbie

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My heart goes out to you.
This is encouraging: