Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas / New Year's Eve

Lisa had a great Christmas.  She woke us all up at eight and we were knee deep in shredded paper by nine.  We had three new arrivals on Christmas morning.  CJ (Connor junior), Angus, and Emily are Lisa's new baby dolls and CJ already had a birthday party.  Baby dolls grow up so fast.  We spent the remainder of the day napping, watching movies, and munching on all sorts of goodies.
Lisa was a bit tired and her pain seemed to be back a bit on Christmas but after a 6 hour nap she appeared to perk up. On Wednesday she had her blood drawn at the UofM clinic in Canton. The test results indicated that no blood products were necessary which is always a good sign. 

Lisa's aunt Julie and cousins Mitchell and Alyssa arrived on December 28. They stayed with us through January 2.  With them was Alyssa's friend Dusty.  The kids went sledding, skating, to the movies, and spent time playing cards and games. We spent New Years Eve at the Superbowl bowling alley in Canton with friends and neighbors.  2012 had it's ups and downs but in hindsight we're happy with the outcome and look forward to the new year.

Today is Wednesday, January 2, and Lisa is scheduled for labs again today.  She's been sleeping a little more the past few days but other than that she looks good and doesn't complain pain.   Gaining weight seems to be a problem that we're beginning to look into.  I think the suspect is the pituitary gland or the thyroid as the culprit.  She's on the smallest amount of steroid possible to keep swelling under control in her brain so we don't think it's the steroid.  Her eating habits are better than most but she is primarily inactive and sleeping a lot.  We intend to consult an Endocrinologist this month to see what we can learn from them.

Thank you all for checking in and sending positive thoughts and energy.  I consider these good days and pray they will continue. We continue to live in the moment and love life.  All the best to you and yours this new year.

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Anonymous said...

Wishing all of you a blessed New Year. Our babies do grow up way too fast. You no sooner get one and you're having one birthday party after another!! Keep going, Lisa. I'm rooting for you. Love, Debbie