Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scan week--fingers and toes crossed

I know we haven't updated much lately...sorry about that.  Call it denial, call it basking in the good days, call it if I don't think about it-it won't happen.  Whatever you call it, here is a quick update.

Lisa has had great energy levels and is full of smiles.  She has been "working" with homebound teachers (or should I say making them work as they have to fight to keep her focused) to keep up on her schoolwork.  And, we've been sneaking her out in the public for more excursions even though technically she has not been "cleared".

While she looks great and still has the warrior attitude I find myself feeling like I'm holding my breath waiting to find out what this cancer is up to.  The fact that Lisa is complaining more and more about her back and has requested "spine surgery" more than once makes me quite uneasy.  It is anticipated that her cancer will move to her spine next and if that happens treatment options become very limited.

Her back pain, coupled with the fact that my Mother's cancer has stopped responding to treatment, really has me anxious.  For the past 6 mos both Lisa and my Mom's cancer have been keeping pace with each other....their scans have been a few days apart and remained stable together, they been on the same drugs together, and have switched up treatments at the same time.  While I'm sure it's just coincidence, it does make me uneasy knowing Mom's cancer is trying to get the upper hand.  I pray that Lisa's cancer behaves itself and remains stable, stays of her spine, or just completely, miraculously disappears.

Fingers and toes crossed, prayers and pleading going up!

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Kim Enright said...

Sending prayers your way!!!