Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Hospital Is New, But The Routine Is Familiar

I woke at 6:00AM and heard Maranda downstairs getting ready for school. She's always the last kid to bed but the first to get up at 5:30AM. She's a great, they all are. Each in their own way of course. Today I'm on schedule. I get myself ready and then wake Tom on my way downstairs while Chrissy is already moving. She's learned to get herself up and ready on her own this year. I grab some coffee and my things and I'm out the door by 7:45.

I enjoy getting to work when it's still quiet. There are few of us that actually know where the light switches are and which ones turn on what. Arriving early also gives me a chance to check on things and get my day planned. Today however is one of those days that just isn't going to go as planned.

You recall that Lisa had chemo last week? Well, we're in that five to ten days out when the kids really begin to feel the effects. Low blood platelets, low white blood cells and low ANC are threats as are virus and infections. One sure sign of trouble is fever. Any fever over 100.5 is a concern and protocol dictates the routine going forward once you hit that number. Aside from being more sleepy than usual, Lisa's been well until Monday night when she mentioned a little sore throat. This morning it was still there so Linda elected to keep her home. By 10:30 she had a fever of 101.

Don't think about the drive out to Ann Arbor, the car knows the way better than we do. Don't think about the next few days of being cooped up in a hospital room with pumps and monitors beeping regularly Lisa actually likes it there. Don't think about Maranda's bowling meet you're going to miss, or Tom and Chrissy's appointment missed. Just call the alternate to pickup and drop off Maranda, cancel Tom and Chrissy's appointment, and oh yeah get home because Linda left the electrician home alone working on a laundry list of fixes.

I arrived home about 3:30. Tom and Chrissy were already working on their afternoon snack. Today the snack is a fruit smoothly. Sounds great. Sounds healthy but what these kids could use is a cheeseburger and a malt or something that will put a couple pounds on them. Both of then need to jump around in the shower just to get wet they're so skinny, anyway I'm digressing again. The electrician is still at the house too. He started at 9:30 AM and he won't finish until 6:30. oy

Tonight I'm going to relieve Linda at the hospital. She's still getting settled in her new job and I have the time available so I'll take the time off. This trip to Mott is probably going to use a couple days worth of PTO. Before I leave for the hospital I'm able to throw together an awesome spaghetti dinner. Pasta is always a crowd-pleaser with my kids. Add a roll or garlic bread and I'm a hero chef. At 7:30 I exit the house with an overnight bag (2 nights worth) and two bags for Lisa filled with extra clothes, toys, snacks, and her mobile IV pump.

I arrive at Mott about 8:15 and make my way up to the room. The new Mott. Nice size rooms with private bathroom, large tv, and a chair/futon that actually unfolds into a flat bed... for me! I've spent months at the old Mott and longed for something like this. We always brought a portable cot with an air mattress but lugging it around was a pain and any movement on it when sleeping brought out a noise that could wake the people in the next room. (The sedated patient in the next room.)

Well, Lisa's sleeping now and she never did register a temperature once she and Linda arrived in the ER or in the room but protocol dictates the routine, so here we are for the next 48 hours. My battery is registering 17 minutes left so I need to conclude this post. As I stated, the hospital may be new, but the routine is familiar. While the circumstances for our being here are less than ideal, the facilities are state of the art and the Mott staff are the best I could possibly imagine.

Thanks again for tuning in.

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Ellen Hensler said...

God has special plans for all of you. I hope she gets out quick. God Bless all of you. Have a wonderful Christmas.