Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello everyone and thanks for checking in. Mike here at the controls for a change. It's been a while since we've updated the blog and only the second time since the fundraiser so it's way overdue. We've been keeping busy with plans taking us places every week and those excursions have been a wonderful distraction.

Lisa is currently on a new study that is testing the toxicity levels of a new oral chemo drug. That is to say that the chemo is an old flavor but just in a new pill form. Since beginning this study she tends to throw up on the chemo days about once daily but that stops when the chemo stops. Other than that the side effects included mouth sores after the first regimen and she's prone to get tired more quickly. [longer naps] Alternating with the naps is Lisa on high speed.

Prior to the study Lisa's been doing chemo about every third week since January with very little side effects and steady progress against the disease so we were somewhat reluctant to make any change but this study requires, as do most, some amount of cancer so as to judge it's effectiveness. This study also doesn't effect her eligibility to enroll in others that we may elect to participate in later.

Lisa is scheduled for scans next week so keep your fingers crossed and your Crosses handy. Send her your best mojo, healing thoughts, and prayers. She continues to be the same happy bubbly little girl that you saw the last time you met her. I'm convinced that all the positive energy and her state of mind [happy - care free] plays a significant roll in her ability to stave off the disease.

Thanks again for checking in and I hope you and your families are enjoying a happy healthy summer.


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