Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cancer does not take a vacation

As some of you already know, Lisa's scans came back with more disease.  While the news is disappointing, I've become so used to expecting the unexpected that it really didn't shock me much.  I would have loved to hear good results, but when our nurse delivered the news I found myself shifting into the "where do we go next?" mode without even a tear or need for a drink!

Lisa's medical team deserves a high five for all their efforts.  They knew that we were getting ready to go for a 2 week vacation to paradise and we knew that depending on her scans the vacation might have to be cut down to one week.  Once they saw the scan results last Thursday they called us immediately and asked that we bring Lisa in the next day so they could examine her.  We already knew we were going to abandon the previous study and the team had been diligently working to reserve a spot in the next study.  By having us come in Friday they could start the paperwork and tests needed to clear Lisa for the new study.  They massaged schedules, double-checked timelines and made arrangements to have a blood draw done in North Carolina so that we could spend 10 days on vacation and bring Lisa back in time to start the study on Wed 8/24. It's not the 14 days that we planned, but it's better than 7 and only possible because of  our UofM team's efforts!

So, I sit here typing this in the quiet of our beach house.  Everyone has gone to sleep.  We have a big crowd here and it is positively wonderful.  The days have been spent sitting in the sun, swimming, walking the beach, reading books, gabbing, eating and having the occasional ;) drink!  There is no clock, no schedule, no demands.  The kids are "hanging" doing what they like to do and so are the adults.  That friggin disease cancer may not take a vacation, but we will!

Hope all of you are enjoying the last weeks of summer and taking time to live life fully!

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