Friday, January 21, 2011

Lisa is doing very well.  She enjoyed MLK day off and the extra snow day our schools had.  We started her nausea pills last week with chemo and she has had no "upsets".  She is starting to complain about pain more and is taking those pills more frequently.  Most of her complaints are about her legs and back.  She is a very wise soul and seems to know when she needs to rest and when she needs to play.  Often she'll disappear up into our bedroom and make herself cozy watching tv until she catches her second wind.

I feel like I'm holding my breath and constantly saying prayers.  I'm still in denial regarding the severity of her scans.  I'm hoping her cancer has not built up a tolerance for the chemo drugs and that the next set of scans show that the chemo is doing its thing.  We are basically on a 3 wk rotation...chemo is week one, there is 2 weeks off and then chemo again.  Lisa will do the next round of chemo the first week of Feb and scans will be done the week of Feb 14.  For now, I'm trying to stay focused on how damn happy she is and follow suit.  We are all keeping busy and trying to "live" our lives and not let cancer take the lead role.

Please offer up some extra prayers for Maranda.   While the follow-up appts from her surgery have gone well, they've not involved much more than the ortho doctor talking to her and looking her over.  In the past two months, Maranda has been having a lot of neck discomfort so she has to have a MRI done this Saturday and then follow-up with the neurosurgeon to make sure their are not other issues.  Fingers,arms, legs and toes are crossed!!!!!

Thomas and Chrissy manage to hang on and not get lost in the shuffle of craziness.  Chrissy is actually off at 6th grade camp and returning tomorrow.  All the kids are counting the days until next weekend when they will all go to the Special Days Winter Camp.  It's for kids who have cancer or are sibs of someone with cancer.  This will be their second winter camp and hopefully Lisa's health will hold and she to will attend.

I'll end this post by sharing one of Lisa's "wise" statements.  The other day at dinner, we were discussing the amount of calories in bread and butter.  I was explaining to Tom that I needed to be careful how much bread I ate because of the calories, but that he did not have be as careful because he is underweight, more active, and growing....all of which means he burns more calories.  I went onto explain that because I weigh more than I should for my height, I need to be more careful about what I eat and make sure I exercise.  Lisa came up with another, much easier solution....she chimed in "you just need to grow taller!"

As always keep praying and keep living!

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Grandma Y. said...

Got to love the wisdom of a true Princess.