Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This Summer is Going to be a BLAST

From what we understand, from what the doctor said, Lisa is about 99% cancer free! The doctor couldn't see it, but the specialists that read these scans (CT and MIBG) on a regular basis see a trace in the bone in the area of her eye. We really did BLAST it with the fundraiser!

It's going to be another great summer. Thanks to all of you that kept her in your thoughts and prayers. Keep it up! This disease has a very nasty tendency towards reoccurrence, especially in cases where the kids have relapsed before.

To make the best of it, the agenda this summer includes: Camp Dearborn (Done), Rope swings, sand castles, boat rides and tubing and relaxing at the lake. Michigan Adventure in Muskegon, Traverse City, Mackinaw, Put-in-Bay, Topsail Island North Carolina, and anywhere else we can escape to! Life is good. Have a safe and fun summer!


Anonymous said...

Great news and sounds like a wonderful summer of making memories with those precious children of yours. Have a wonderful summer and we'll continue to keep your family in our daily prayers!

Pam n Tom Seem

Anonymous said...

thats great McMasters i hope the best for you and your family and me and my family all hope the best for lisa (our prayers for you and your family will continue have and awesome summer)

P.S. mabey sometime this summer me and you can hang out maranda:)

Madi :p