Friday, April 16, 2010

Mott / Customs

Lisa is getting excited about the UofM Scrimmage game on Saturday. [Ok, so are we] Being Mott patients this past year, Lisa and Maranda were invited to bring their family to the game and run out of the tunnel with the other Mott families before the players take the field. As you can see from the photo, Lisa is ready. [I updated the picture after the practice]

The spring game is free to the public and is the final practice at the stadium this spring. The UofM football team and C.S. Mott Children's Hospital have partnered in a fundraiser for the new hospital scheduled to open in Fall 2012. Here are a couple links for more information.

What else… oh I forgot mention that Lisa and I visited my sister Sharon last Wednesday, 4/7. Sharon as you may recall had surgery that day to remove a blockage in her small intestine. Sharon is home now and doing well, thank you for the well wishes and prayers. Sharon lives in Tecumseh, Canada. Canada. You know, across the border. Not the USA. Meaning Lisa and I had to come back through customs. Normally this is not a problem. These days however US customs screens for things like bombs, drugs, illegal aliens and radioactive material. It would appear that my princess is radiating more than her typical charm as a result from MIBG injection on Tuesday, the day before. As I pulled up to the booth the exchange went something like this:

Customs: “Please turn off the ignition”
Mike: “O-Kaayyy”
Customs: “Hand me the keys”
Mike thinking to self: “No wonder you guys are taking so long to get the cars through”
Customs: Have you had any medical procedures performed recently?
Mike: Whacks palm to forehead. Light bug illuminates above Mike’s head. “Not me, but my glowing green buddy in the back has”
Customs: Mumbles something into her radio
Customs: “Please, roll down the back window”
Mike: “You’ve got my keys”
Customs: Hands Mike back the keys, “Do not start the vehicle”
Mike: “Yes mam” rolls down rear window. Hands back the keys.
Customs: “Aww” Mumbles something into radio

US Customs was great. It took about an hour to clear things up but they gave Lisa snacks and she poured on the charm.

Once the bells and whistles go off it starts the Customs computers talking with the computers in Washington D.C., so all the procedures need to be followed before we could leave It didn’t help that the trace amount of radiation that Lisa was emitting was so small that they had a difficult time determining what it actually was.

Not much else to pass on at the moment. We're working on the fundraiser of course, , and that's keeping our minds off the end of the month when both Maranda and Lisa will be admitted. Thanks for checking in. Mike


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you to run through the tunnel. Lisa, looks like a pro at it already!

I've heard about the potential for customs alert on folks who have had radiation but never a story around it. I'm so glad Lisa got snacks out of the deal. I'll bet there are some custom agents that will be telling stories to their family and friends about charming Lisa as well.

We continue to send good thoughts. Great work on the fundraiser!

Pam and Rick

Anonymous said...

Go Blue!!

Looks like Lisa might have a career choice when she grows up...she looks pretty cute in that uniform!

Sending warm thoughts your way on this chilly Michigan day :)

Lisa, Jeff and Kids

Anonymous said...

D'oh! I had to get a note from my doctor the last time I had a radioactive iodine scan of my thyroid. Even with the note, it took me a while to get across the border.

Thinking about you guys lots and lots. Still sending you all my best mojo, and throwing in a little juju for the end of the month, just for good measure.

Hugs to you all!


Anonymous said...

Keeping you all in our prayers. Lisa, you look so cute in your U of M outfit and this is coming from a Buckeye!!! No jeering please!!! Anyway, glad to hear you made it over the border. We have you and Maranda in our prayers. We know you will both do well!!!

The KReagers