Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maranda is drugged up and resting

The spinal fusion is complete; the surgeon says it went well.  We got started around noon.  There was a small problem getting the IV in, we switched to happy gas, Maranda endured another poke to get IV in and then she was out.  Surgery lasted about four hours, then it took about two more hours to stitch her up and get her awake enough to respond to the doctor's request for her to wiggle toes and fingers around 6:30.  She got moved to her room around 7:30 and has been sleeping most of the time.  She is having pain even though she is on a continous pain pump with a boost she can push every few minutes.  They added some valium and Tylenol around 9:00 and that seemed to lessen the pain and she seems to be sleeping better.  It's been a long day, will probably be a long night and a tough day tommorrow.

I can only imagine the pain she is in.  I pray that the meds keep her comfortable, that this whole experience will soon be a memory and we move quickly down the road to health and recovery.


Anonymous said...

Hi to all,
I was sitting thinking about Maranda and wanting to know how everything went. I came here and thank goodness you posted. I was so happy when you said she wiggled her toes! Let her know I checked in on her and let me know when I can visit.

Anonymous said...

Oh those less-than-smooth inserts for the IVs--ouch. Yea, for wiggling toes and fingers!!

Sending thoughts of comfort, peace and speedy recovery. Wishing your family time for rest as well.

Thinking of you all,

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Maranda did will with her surgergy. Lily would like to see her once she is feeling better. Hope her pain becomes tolerable soon!!!! She is a great kid and very brave.

Take care
The Kreagers