Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snowy Ohio

I'm posting from Snowy Ohio sitting and listening to conga-like music at Castaway Bay.  Kids are on winter break so we brought them to the indoor waterpark that boasts a tropical "82 degrees inside all the time".  I'll take it.

Lisa is doing well...we got here yesterday around 3 and she swam and jumped around for two hours before asking to go back to room to get in her pajamas...as we left the water area, she assured me "I'm having a really good time, I'm just tired".  Once she was showered and in pjs she fell asleep for a 3 hour nap and popped back awake at 8:20 in time to go dancing  with Thomas and Lucy.  Dancing was followed by a Charlie Brown movie and bedtime story with Snoopy.  Hard to believe my kids barely know who Charlie Brown is...apparently we don't watch the holiday cartoons enough.  Maranda and I enjoyed the sheer simplicity of the cartoon last night.....poor Chrissy missed out on the "excitement" my travel weary girl with her sensitive system was sick.

With all the good news last week, I forgot to post a big kudos to Maranda.  Her school has a character program where teachers can nominate students that they feel demonstrate the characteristic of the month. This month's characteristic was courage.  Maranda was nominated by her principal!  This being one of the harder characteristics to judge, there were not many other recipients, only about six others were nominated by teachers.  That says a lot.  So CONGRATS to Maranda...job well done...you go girl!

Lisa also started Kids Kicking Cancer....she really enjoyed it...
I think their mantra is a good way to end this post...so...PEACE, POWER, PURPOSE!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Lisa is doing good! Also it's good
to hear u guys are having fun at the water park!!
Also we are SO proud of Maranda and her
award! You ROCK! hahaha
-Kylie, Megan, and Bailey

mundomadre said...

You're the second family I've heard of that's at Castaway Bay this week! I hope you're all enjoying the change of scenery and temperature.

Every time I check in here, I read something that amazes me. Courage indeed. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You're all bursting with it.

Take care. Sending you all my best. XOXO

Lynn Zott

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, PEACE, POWER, PURPOSE! You McMaster's ROCK!

I'm glad there is an place that is 82 degrees in Ohio ;) and so happy that you are all having fun. Sending soothing thoughts to Chrissy and congrats to Maranda!


Anonymous said...

"Peace, Power, Purpose!"--words to truly live by.

I'm sending my very best vibes.