Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chemo Round 2---going well

The kids had a great time at camp. Rumor has it that the only time Lisa cried was when they made her come in from the snow; she loved playing outside!

She started her second round of chemo this week. Docs are pleased with how she is handling the chemo and her side effects have been minimal compared to others. Thank goodness. The chemo is "cumulative" so as the days go by, she tends to feel worse and as the rounds of chemo add up the side effects can become more intense; hopefully she'll continue to feel good.

Docs still see fluid in her ears and past hearing tests have indicated that she has some hearing loss at high frequencies. This is common for the chemo she is getting. As a "young" child she also had trouble passing hearing tests . She had tubes put in her ears to help manage the fluids and that improved her hearing dramatically. We will be getting her hearing tested again in the next two weeks; I'm hoping the solution is as easy as tubes although there was some talk about hearing aids. Ugh. Again, hard to believe.....the kid can hear an ice cream sandwich opening a mile away, how can she have hearing problems?!

People have been asking about Maranda's condition. We see the neurosurgeon this Friday. We're hoping for good news, but it doesn't seem likely. Both Mike and I feel that her spine is visibly worse. We are already considering meeting with the orthopaedic surgeon to move her spinal fusion from June to April.

So, life goes on. We keep hoping and praying.


Anonymous said...

Sending good vibes your way. I hope the side effects continue to be minimal. Also sending extra good vibes for your visit with the surgeon tomorrow. You're all in my thoughts. XO

Lynn Zott

P said...

Glad to hear camp was fun! You and Mike are wonderful advocates for your children.

Sending lightness,