Monday, March 30, 2009

We're still here. Things are going extremely well. Lisa is doing so well, that our biggest is remembering that she is still highly susceptible to everything so that even though she begs to go places, it is in her best interest to make sure she is not in an environment where she is exposed to numerous people or germs.

Her eating has picked up a bit....she doesn't eat much in one sitting, but she seems to be grazing quite a bit. Unfortunately, her picks are still chips, suckers and noodles...not quite a balanced diet, but we are getting there.

This week will be a busy week....she has a vaccine scheduled for tomorrow along with blood work and consultation with radiation. The rest of the week will be trips to Motts for MIBG scan to pinpoint our progress.

All the rest of us are hanging in and doing pretty well and oping the warm weather comes to stay.


Amanda.B said...

Your doing good Lisa. I'm glad she is starting to eat more, even if it isn't the healthiest!
Love you! Amanda.B

Anonymous said...

I am on the road to recovery so lets get together and have that lllloooonnngggg walk and playdate okay Lisa?

Linda let me know if Wednesday or Friday work for you.

Lisa G.

alisa said...

yay lisa! keep it up girl!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear things are going so well. Enjoy the coming warm weather!