Friday, May 19, 2017

May 19, 2017

4 years ago Lisa left us.  4 years and the approach of 5/19 still causes me anxiety.  While she is never far from my thoughts knowing that this was THE day it all ended brings all the questions, fears, despair rushing back.  It is one of the few days that I will let my walls down and let the pain seep in and through me.   Mike and I have been able to use this day to honor Lisa and try to approach the day as she would have....looking for somewhere to "just go", no plans, no expectations, just be alive and live life fully. 

Earlier this week an unexpected email from Sean of Mott's Development Team provided us the perfect opportunity to remember Lisa.  He wanted to thank us for our support of Mott Children’s Hospital and talk about our prior fundraising efforts.  We were able to arrange to meet today.  Our conversation was a great way to share memories of Lisa.  The conversation meandered around many topics including a new camp for children with chronic and life-threatening health challenges in the Pinckney area.  The  discovery of a new camp provided the perfect opportunity to "just go". Once Mike and I finished up the conversation we headed out to the camp.

It was totally spontaneous and seemed exactly like something Lisa would have loved.  Our drive to see the camp turned into a full tour as our timing coincided with a volunteer training day.   It was a very gratifying way to spend the afternoon and live life.

Thank you to Sean for suggesting we meet and telling us about the camp, thank you to North Star Reach for allowing us to spend the afternoon seeing the fantastic place you have built for children, thank you to everyone who sent us warm thoughts today.

Love You Lisa.  Miss You Lisa.

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