Friday, October 25, 2013


Halloween was a favorite holiday for Lisa.   As we eluded to in the past, Lisa always loved to go somewhere.  She really didn’t have a favorite place, she just wanted - to go.   Halloween is like that.  You don’t stay home or sit around to celebrate, you go, and she did.  Once she started walking she led the way on Halloween night.  The last couple years when she couldn’t make it too far we shortened the route but she was still determined to make the trip.  Once or twice she may have made the trip in a wagon or stroller if I recall correctly. 

So anyway a few months back I was looking for something in my desk drawer at work and came across a Halloween card Lisa made for me last year while she was at work with me.  She was such a sweetie. 

Yes, Halloween is a little less fun this year for us. Hollow. Gutted.  We're feeling a bit like the pumpkin with all the insides scrapped out.  We went from having a nine year old looking forward to the night filled with silly costumes and a pillow case filled with goodies, to three teens a lot less enthusiastic about the whole business. This picture below isn't from Halloween, but it's fun.  Enjoy and have a safe and fun filled Halloween.

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Lynn Zott said...

Holloween indeed. Sending you all healing, peaceful energy. xoxoxo