Wednesday, September 4, 2013

BLAST Childhood Cancer Sept 21! Need your help

Thank you to all who sent encouraging words for the first day of school.  We made it through.   I have a great picture but for some reason cannot get it to post:(

Second day one kid overslept, one kid lost their schedule and one kid was organized and ready to go (I'm sure you can guess who did what!).

We are quickly approaching our 4th BLAST and need your help!. 

BLAST is on 9/21  at St John Neumann in Canton. 
Dinner and Family Fun Fair is from 5-8
Euchre tournament--first deal starts at 8:30. 
You can go to for details or checkout the FB event

We do know that our event is the same day as Canton Homecoming and we are offering a special dinner rate for homecoming attendees, as well as, transportation to the dance.

If you are reading this please think about what you can do in your neighborhood, at work, school, and sporting events to help raise awareness!   You could:

·         Post event fliers

·         Pass out GOLD ribbon awareness stickers

·         See if kid’s sports teams and clubs will wear gold ribbons or gold shoelaces

·         Sell awareness pins & pencils

·         Sell suckers (Cancer Sucks)

·         Circulate collection cans and take donations

·         Wear GOLD and let people know why you are wearing gold.

·         Volunteer to help at the event on 9/21
If everyone picked one thing on the list and then asked a friend to pick one thing, and they asked a friend to pick one thing and so on,  imagine the difference we could make!!

Please consider lending a hand or two:)

Hope to see YOU on 9/21!!

P.S.  We are still in need of a photographer, party bus for transportation to Canton homecoming dance, and raffle items.  If you know of someone who can help please email


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