Monday, August 12, 2013

From one day to the next....

Hello all.

I know the blog has been pretty quiet.  Mike has done a few posts, I just cannot find it in me to "think" or "feel" so I just keep myself very busy and keeping watching one day turn into the next.  Every once in  a while I "test out a memory" only to find myself hurting and having to shut down my feelings quickly.

For those of you with Facebook pages, be sure to check out LoveYouLisa.  A family vacation in July turned into a photo opp for one of Lisa's babies and since then many of you who adopted one of Lisa's babies have been sharing pictures of their adventures.

While it doesn't change the fact that Lisa is gone and there is a HUGE hole, it does help me smile to know how much fun her babies are having.

Please keep thinking of us as each day is another day without Lisa and we are still trying to adjust.

Also, please mark your calendars.   With the help of my sister and other family members it looks like we will be hosting BLAST this year on Sept 21, 2013.  Perhaps we can reunite the babies;)

Please spread the word and if would like to help out, let us know.  We could use help with the website, fliers, organizing.

Trying to live life fully and moving forward:)


Anonymous said...

this is michelle from lees-I can donate some dinner cards so let me know :)

Anonymous said...

I continue to send love, warmth, and comfort. I love that LIsa's babies are going on adventures.

Hugs to all,