Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday to Tom:)

Today is Tom's birthday and while we are all still reeling from our loss, it is important to recognize that life still goes on.  Tom is celebrating his 15th birthday today. Sadly, this is the second year in a row he has had his birthday in a funeral home.  Last year was Grandma's viewing, this year Lisa's:(

When we asked him if he would prefer we move the viewing and funeral to later in the week so he could celebrate his birthday on the day, this loving, kind, thoughtful, strong young man said "I wouldn't really feel like celebrating before having the funeral....and this way if I have my birthday at the funeral home, Lisa can be there"  When asked if he wanted people to wish him Happy Birthday today he said with tears "I would like that"

Tears and big sigh.....for those of you who know Tom if you would like to bring him a card to the funeral home that would be wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tom, thank for all your help at BLAST. You are a nice young Man and a great brother.
God Bless You Chef John

Lynn Zott said...

What a beautiful expression of love. Your kiddos have obviously learned well from your example. I will see you later today. xo

Silcox Family said...

Happy Birthday Tom!!!! What a great big brother you are!!!!