Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pain Continues

Thank you to all who are reading, posting and praying.  Your words bring comfort and strength.

Lisa continues to be in pain. The plan right now is to get her comfortable.  To do this we are upping pain killers, changing from oral to IV meds, adding a new one here and there whatever it takes to relieve her pain.  She is sleeping most of the time (or at least appears to be but I suspect she is just using this as her defense mechanism so she doesn't have to talk to anyone). 

She continues to throw up every so often.  We think this is from disease activity and pressure in the head.  It's awful to watch.  She has a hard time sitting up because of the all-over pain she is feeling.  Having her raise her head seems to make her more nauseous.  This creates quite the challenge when she gets sick because we have to manipulate her to sitting and somehow figure out how to support her head so she doesn't choke. (I can only imagine what pain she is really having.....most likely along the lines of a monster migraine (or a huge hangover) where you just want dark, silence and to lay very still)

She has not had a fever since she has been admitted and her cough has subsided. All indicators that this is cancer at work, not an infection or a virus:(  (oops change that, nurse just took her temp and she is at 100.4 which is enough to have to notify docs)

I cannot bring myself to post a picture of her for all of you because this is not the Lisa you want to think about.

So instead, I am posting a card one of her classmates made her. 

Please keep praying.


Anonymous said...

Sending love, prayers and strength to each of you. -The Bertorellos

Anonymous said...

I don't pray a lot and I'm not a very religious person. But after reading these last few posts over the last couple days, I've prayed and have shed more tears then the last year put together. Lea came to me last night really wanting to come visit Lisa and it just broke my heart trying to explain to her why she couldn't. So Lea wants to give her a card that she made last night for her. My name is Meagen Symons please call 734-239-1971 so I know where we can bring the card for her. Our love and prayers and hearts are with you!!

Luann said...

Hey there guys,

I haven't made my presence known, but I have been following your posts consistently. Please know that Lisa and your entire family are never far from my thoughts and are always in my prayers. Here's hoping for that miracle. Love, Luann

Roberta Torres said...

I was introduced to your blog by my cousin Stacey Frey who is a teacher at Lisa's school. I just wanted to show my love and support for your daughter and your family! My heart is aching and tears are streaming down my face as I write this. I cannot imagine the horrible pain that you are all going through. I, too, have had suffered through the loss of 2 infant children at childbirth, so I am familiar with the feeling of such helplessness. Although your situation is different, I know that there is nothing worse than a parent who must watch their child suffer.
Please know that I will pray for Lisa and your family with all my heart! Sincerely, Roberta Torres, Walled Lake, MI

Anonymous said...

Hugs, love and prayers!

Ginny Stone

dfranzonello said...

The Franzonello family is praying for Lisa and her family.

Anonymous said...

sending our praying for lisa and all her wonderful family. dan and chrissy

Prayers for the children of God said...

I believe in miracles and Lisa deserves one. Praying hard for you Lisa and Family.

Anonymous said...

Lisa is already a miracle. A miracle of GOD. She has endless strength & power within. Children are born fighters. I will pray for her daily. GOD bless