Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Cruiseitis - general feeling of lethargy and ill-being experienced after having enjoyed a wonderful time on a cruise.

Our cruise ended on Saturday, drive home from Boston ended "midnight" Sunday, "Cruiseitis" commenced when we got off the ship and is just now starting to wear off.

The teens enjoyed their freedom and running around the ship where the action never stopped.  They had fun ordering new foods at dinner knowing if they didn't like it they could order something else or just hit up the ice cream and pizza stations that operated all hours.

Lisa enjoyed running around the ship with Mike or I in tow and proving us wrong numerous times on how to get somewhere.  I still don't know how she figured out the lay of the land so quickly!

Mike and I enjoyed the food:), the shows, and most of all...the 62 family members on-board with us:)

Maranda, Chrissy and I got off in the port of St. John to do some zip lining with some of the family members.  It was a wonderful treat, however the decision to walk back the "less than 2 miles" was not the best one for me.  That was the longest 2 miles ever and the fact that we were keeping up with the pace our long-legged family members didn't help.  Good thing there was a ship buffet waiting for us when we got back....despite our exhaustion, we managed to go directly there and "refuel" ourselves:)

Chrissy, Thomas and I got of in the port of Halifax and enjoyed looking at the Tall Ships.  Chrissy, our adventure loving girl and pirate at heart, was ready to scurry up the ropes and help take in the sails on the one ship that arrived as we were walking by.  We enjoyed strolling thru Halifax and going thru their Maritime Museum....although I seriously question why the heck we spent over and hour exploring the Titantic exhibit when we had to get back on a big ship:)

Mike and Lisa chose to never leave the boat.  They enjoyed using the pool and other activities when the crowds were away.  I have to say they both also really liked our room and found the bed so comfortable that they made sure to get our money's worth by having a daily nap:)

A good time was had by all and we are just now recovering and trying to enjoy the last few weeks before all the school activities begin:(  

This week is hospital free:)  but next week will be scans and the following week Lisa is scheduled for MIBG radiation (this is the 3-5 day isolation treatment where she is in a room and we have to stay on the other side of the wall).  We are once again hopeful that this brings us good results and beats back the cancer so we can all continue to enjoy living life.

Keep the prayers coming!

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Fairen Davidson said...

Hi there...I was just wondering if there is a place I could email you or write to you, my daughter goes to school with Lisa & I have been looking to get in touch with you for some time now (: thanks so much !! -Fairen