Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thy will be done

Lisa is doing well.  Today is "Lees's Chicken Tuesday".  Lisa will go to school for 1/2 a day, we then pick up her lunch at Lees and head to the hospital for her check-in with her nurse and to find out if the virus has cleared her blood.

Thank you to all for you kind words, support and prayer.  A bed at Angela hospice opened up last Friday and we were able to move my mom.  Having her at Angela instead of her home has been a great relief.   While the hours are still long and stressful,l as she spends her last days on earth, being at Angela allows us to be her "loved ones" instead of her caregivers.  I hope/think it is easier on my Dad to have her with nurses 24/7, however, each day she lingers is very heart-wrenching and draining.  She is highly medicated so we are thankful that at most times she is having little pain.  The trade-off is that the words she utters are few and often we are not sure if they mean anything.  I think my Dad is starting to feel numb.....it's hard to watch her have pain, but just as hard to watch her "sleep" in her medicated state and not know if she is hearing you.  We all have assured Dad to keep talking, that they say the hearing is the last thing to go...  Mom is now considered in the "active" phase of dying so we know that it will be soon...how soon is still in Gods hand....thy will be done.


Lynn Zott said...

I'm so, so sorry. I've missed a couple of posts and am just learning what you're dealing with at present. Don't know what I can say except please know that my thoughts are always with you and that I'm sending you and yours loving, healing, peaceful energy. Take care. xoxoxo

Kim Enright said...

Our prayers are with you and your family, Linda.

Anonymous said...


You and the rest of the Yesh family are in our prayers. Please call if you need to talk. I know how hard it is to watch your mom go thru this dying process and yet it was just as hard for me to let my mom go. You are in my thoughts everyday. Marcia