Sunday, December 13, 2009

Walking like an old lady

Lisa is quite the trooper. She's been doped up on pain killers since surgery on Thursday. There was quite a bit of swelling and pain. She looked like she had a goiter on her neck. She wasn't able to turn her head very much and kept it cocked to the side. Friday morning, she uttered "I'm walking like an old lady". That's pretty much what she looked like, just give her a cane she'd be all set.

Friday night, Mark and Malinda came over to help us decorate. Lisa was all for it and wasn't going to let the pain get in the way. She shuffled back and forth grabbing ornaments and decorations to set out. She loved having the house all lit up and the Christmas music playing.

Saturday we spent just hanging around the house and Lisa spent a good deal of time napping. Today, she's moving a bit better and I'm hoping she'll be able to go to school tomorrow. I just want her to have a "normal" life...I know that sounds a bit silly considering the circumstances, but I just want her to have friends her age and experience school and learning and singing and playing and art projects with glitter...things that 5 year olds are supposed to be doing.

I find myself in a bit of a funk after Christmas shopping. My kids list are a bit unrealistic. They are asking for things like cell phones, computers, ticket to Florida...uhh...don't think so, if anyone's getting those things it's going to be me. Even buying for Lisa is hard; besides the computer, DS, cell phone, she wants baby dolls. Go figure. Unfortunately, we seem to have more baby dolls on our shelves at home then Target and Meijers combined! Other things I could think to buy for Lisa involved items that wouldn't be used until summer...a bicycle, swim toys, monogrammed swim towel.... and I found myself wondering if she would ever get a chance to use them.

So, with those thoughts going thru my head and with no list to go by, I found myself going up and down the store aisles and realizing that we practically have everything out there in one form or another. We really do have so much, I can't seem to bring myself to spend money on another "thing" that will just end up in the basement. Perhaps the reason I'm struggling with the shopping is because deep down I know that what we really want for Christmas, money can't buy.
Bah Humbug. Sorry to be such a downer, hope all of you are having cheerier thoughts than I am!


Anonymous said...

You're entitled to those bummer thoughts, but try and keep your head up. You still have that 5 year old little girl who needs you to be strong for her. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Laura Kelm

michael said...

Cell phones and computers? Sorry kids, Santa's elves are on strike.

Anonymous said...

Someone I know told me to remember the Mary in Christmas NOT Merry Christmas.

Your Christmas list sounds like our kids list....when did the gifts cost over 100 dollars a piece?

Have a good Mary Christmas!

Lisa G.

tom said...

Your kids have the greatest gift possible. A mom and dad who not only love them, but love each other as well.
No matter what you get them, they will find great joy in the celebration.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you can express the downs. It really is important to acknowledge all the feelings.

Gosh your kids sound like other kids, eh!!!

I think Tom is on to something. The love that each of you share is phenomenal and your children express that in so many wonderful ways. What a great family you all are.

Sending you hugs and admiration for all that you are and do. You are an incredible person. You are an incredible family.